12 November, 2009

Once again Fulton Yachts International had a successful appearance in the 3rd International Marine Industry Exhibition in Kish Island. The exhibition was also accompanied by 3 days marine industry conference.

This exhibition was held between 10-11 November at the international fairground of Kish Island with the attendance of the most famous Iranian and International companies and in the presence of Ministeries of Industry, Road and Transportation, Defence and other high official and governmental authorities. Mr. Ali Zamani Nasser, Fulton Yachts International Company's President was also present at this event. Mr. Zamani had positive talks and negotiations with the Iranian Marine Industry officials.


Mr. Sadr, the deputy of Road and Transportation Ministry and PMO's Managing Director has visited Fulton Yachts' stand in this exhibition. Fulton Yachts has once again attracted everybody's attention by displaying new passenger ships designs, its Luxury Ocean Going Mega Yacht, Fulton 110+ and other recreational and commercial concepts during this exhibition.
25 September, 2009

Iran Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) is summoning Iranian shipyards in order to choose fully equipped and certified yards for the construction of PMO required vessels or other kinds of vessels for the ship customers who wants to use PMO's financial backing and support in order to buy their required ships.

Fulton Yachts International is among the 3 selected yards which are recognized by the PMO for the construction of Passenger Ships.
These vessels will be used for the transportation of passengers between the islands and the mainland in Persian Gulf. Fulton Yachts is looking forward to have close cooperation with European and Australian Designers and Shipyards on this project. Negotiations with the designing companies and PMO are on the way.

06 August, 2009

All the official and registration procedures have been done in regard to the Caofeidian Yacht Project. Company registration documents, joint venture and foreign investment certificates, national and local tax certificates, import/export approvals and etc. have all been issued.

Fulton Yachts is having negotiations with different sub-contracting companies for the construction of the worksheds and production facilities and tenders has been finalized for these projects. Chinese governmental and private sector famous and fully experienced construction companies are interested in sub-contracting the production facilities construction projects.


Proposals are received and they are all under consideration by Fulton Yachts International Company. This will be a great project and will result in massive contribution of major and well known groups in the international marine industry.
25 March, 2009

Fulton Yachts and its International Partners are investing in Caofeidian Newly Developed Area for the establishment of a huge Shipyard with different ranges of production. Caofeidian Industrial Zone Infrastructure Investment Company is also sharing with Fulton Yachts and its Partners in this big project.

The official contracts has been signed between Fulton Yachts International represented by Fulton's President, Mr. Ali Zamani Nasser and head of the Caofeidian Administrative Committee represented by Mr. Liu Jianli in the presence of other officials and Fulton Caofeidian Yacht Project's Chinese and International Partners and Investors.


The shipyard will be established in a 213 hectares land with 1 kilometer coast line at the manufacturing base of the Caofeidian Industrial Zone. Having 27 independent production units with 16 production lines, Fulton Caofeidian Yacht Project will be able to produce Yachts and different kind of ships with maximum tonnage of 2500 tons and maximum length of more than 150 meters with the annual production capacity of 300 combined units. The shipyard will also be fully equipped with the launching and hauling systems with different capacity ranges of 500, 1500 and 2500 tons.
01 January, 2009

By the beginning of year 2009, Fulton Yachts has a very good and powerful start, this time in China. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed between Fulton Yachts International and the Administrative Committee of Caofeidian Industrial Park for the Cooperation and Investment in Marine Industry. Fulton Yachts and its Chinese and International Partners are about to invest for huge project in Caofeidian Industrial Zone for the Manufacturing of Yachts and different kind of ships.

02 February, 2008

Following the successful Iranian Trade and Business Exhibition that was held in Colombo recently, a number of business opportunities have arisen as a result of the event. This exhibition succeeded in showcasing a wide range of products made and services produced or offered by companies in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The result of this was the signing of a MOU between a Sri Lankan and an Iranian company for the manufacture of a variety of boats. The Chief Guest at this event was Dr Sarath Amunugama, Minister of Enterprise Development and Investment Promotion who actively promoted Sri Lankan- Iranian economic ties. Minister Amunugama had held discussion with the Iranian Minister of Commerce Massoud Mir Kassem, to examine ways to promote greater economic ties between the two Governments and more importantly, the private sectors of Sri Lanka and Iran.

Dr Amunugama spoke of the growing ties between the two countries and said that next month, President Ahmedinajad of Iran was to make Sate Visit to Sri Lanka. Iran was going to support Sri Lanka on the construction of the Uma Oya project, a 28 km tunnel that will bring water from the Central Highlands to the Hambantota District. Iran was emerging as one of Sri Lanka's major economic partners in trade and possibly investment in the future.

Commenting on the project Minister Amunugama said that yachting, as a leisure activity had not really developed in the Subcontinent in contrast with East Asia and the Persian Gulf areas. Sri Lanka was very much dependent on land based tourism; thought steps had been taken inn areas such as whale watching. The construction of yachts in Sri Lanka offered potential to upgrade the Sri Lankan tourism industry by offering high end products. Channa Palansuriya, Member of The BOI Board of Directors signed the MOU on behalf of the BOI. The event, which was co-ordinated and facilitated by the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka, was also an opportunity to create joint ventures between private sector establishment of Sri Lanka and Iran.

One such example of the new co-operation was the signing of a MOU for a joint venture between Fulton Yachts International of Iran and FRP Services & Co (Lanka) Ltd to manufacture various types of boats/crafts in Sri Lanka. FRP Services & Co has exported boats to the Maldives, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.


The MOU was signed on 1st February 2008 at 11 am at the Hilton Hotel by P.S (Dudley) Fernando, Chairman of FRP Services & Co and by Ali Zamani Nasser, Managing Director and Vice president of Fulton Yachts International of Tehran, Iran.

Ali Zamani Nasser was upbeat about the visit to Sri Lanka, adding that it had been most fruitful. Fulton Yachts was able to gauge first hand the potential Sri Lanka offered. Adding that Sri Lanka can do with the sea and it was a good opportunity for technology sharing between the two countries. He was confident that relations would be further expanded.

The main organizer of the exhibition Shariatmadari concluded by stating that relations between the two countries would expand further. One area that showed a lot of potential was tourism in both directions. About 10 Iranian tour operators had been present in Sri Lanka during the recent exhibition and what was needed was a direct air link between the two countries in the near future.

The project will cover the manufacture of different kinds of boats including vessels for fishing, pleasure, leisure, passenger and fast inshore boats. The project which will be located at Hendala, Wattala, will be investment of US$ 500,000.The project will create employment opportunities for 300-500 workers in Sri Lanka.
02 January, 2008

Iran is going to hold an exclusive exhibition in Colombo Sri Lanka from 25 to 31 of January 2008. This would be the first Exclusive Exhibition of Iran in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka after the I.R. of Iran Solo Exhibition in Colombo-Sri Lanka in November of 2007. Fulton Yachts International Company will be present at this Fair during 25-31 of January and will have a stand in this Exclusive Exhibition.

01 January, 2008

Fifth Exhibition of Free & Special Economic Zones is nowadays held in Kish Island. After Successful Exhibitions in 4 later years, the fifth one is going to be mostly visited one. Kish Island Free Zone has a lot of experience in these fields and there are 20 exclusive exhibitions in this Island in a year.

This would be a great place for visitors to expand their knowledge about Free & Special Economic Zones and their Rules and regulations. Fulton Yachts International Company is present at this fair as it’s shipyard is located in Qeshm Island Free Economic Zone.
11 December, 2007
After the successful organizing of the 3rd. Iran Kish International Maritime Industries Exhibition, the Kish Trade Promotion Center fully supported by Kish Free Zone Organization intends to hold the second edition of the said exhibition with cooperation of Iranian Association of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from 11 to 14 December 2007.

At the Second edition of the above event 132 companies including 38 foreign enterprises from the countries such as China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Russia, Austria, Sweden, UAE and UK were exhibiting a wide range of maritime industries. 

This exhibition which was held in an area of 21,000sqm indoor and 14,000sqm outdoor space and morethan50,000 sqm of watercrafts displaying area received a unique and warm welcome from the traders and specialists.  

Islamic Republic of Iran and the region is heavily dependent on maritime industry to meet the increasing demand of sea transport. We do hope that the Iran Kish International Maritime &Sailing Exhibition 2007 will be a suitable venue for participants and visitors to meet their potential counterparts and discuss of their interests and explore business opportunities.

Fulton Yachts International participated in this exhibition and its booth attracted a lot of visitors. Below you can see a picture showing Mr. Ali Zamani Nasser - Fulton Yachts International Managing Director- (Right) talking to Mr. Ali Taheri - Iran Ports and Shipping Organization Director and the Deputy of Road & Transportation Ministry - (Left).
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