Fulton 110+ Project
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Already in construction for potential buyers to inspect and explore is a Fulton 110+ Motor yacht. Our first yacht has already been sold to a European buyer and the company is close to a deal for a second. The first project stand half-finished in the boatyard, their red steel hulls and dull gray aluminum cabins still in need of outfitting and paint. Fulton is trying to sell on price, competing with the Italian, European shipbuilders that dominate the luxury boat trade. Fulton is entering the yacht market with a lot of help from Holland. Prominent European designers drew up the blueprints for Fulton's yachts. Fulton is assembling the hull from imported steel plates, and plans to do the same with more to come. The plates are forged in the Netherlands, a big European steel maker. Most important, Fulton has cheap labor, but specially skilled workers, like welders certified to Lloyd's marine standards, considered the best in the world.
A Brief Overview on the Status of the Project

1 - The Type of Yacht

1-1) The “Fulton 110” is a 34 meter displacement motor yacht with steel hull and Aluminum superstructure.
She is designed with a large body volume and full beam superstructure to achieve a maximum of interior cabin space.

1-2) The speed is moderate (12 to 13 knots) as a consequence of the displacement but in return provides the highest level of comfort with regards to noise, vibration and ship movements.

1-3) The yacht is designed following the highest level of rules and regulation as well as reaching the top quality level for this type of vessel.

1-4) This type of yacht represents the top level of yacht building for the international market.

2 - The Designer

2-1) The “VRIPACK B.V.” company is based in Sneek Netherlands and is a long-term established yacht design company known for very solid engineering and high end Dutch type of yacht design. They feature a growing market success and employ currently more than 90 designers and engineers. Their yachts are built in Europe, United States, Russia, China, Turkey and other places.

3 - The Building Concept

3-1) The original idea was to build a European designed, high quality motor yacht for the international market; delivered from Europe and assembled in IRAN.

3-2) High - end equipment together with qualified but low cost energy & labor should in principle generate a competitive product for world market.

4 - The Status of the Project

4-1) The hull and the Superstructure are almost finished and sit on QESHM Island in the covert construction hull.

4-2) The metal work was executed in a professional way and good quality.  The respective Lloyds pre-certification was achieved.


5 - Brief over View of the Technical Specifications

5-1) The design

The design of the Yacht as drawn in the General Arrangement Plan is executed by Vripack Yachting International Naval Architects B.V. The Netherlands.

5-2) Operational Profile

It is envisaged that the Yacht will be cruising for long periods of time with Owner and guests on board, predominantly in warm and tropical waters.
It is estimated that the main engines will run approximately 1000 hours per year at 90% load.

5-3) Expected Quality of the Finished Product & Comfort At Sea

The Yacht shall be designed and built to the luxury Yacht standard for the interior as well the exterior in all respects, not only surface finishes.
It is intended that the Yacht provides a high level of comfort in all sea conditions and that it shall be able to be put to sea safely on an even keel under the various loading conditions.

5-4) Propulsion System

It is envisaged that the Yacht be fitted with a twin-screw propulsion arrangement consisting of two four stroked turbo charged, after cooled marine diesel engines. Preliminary calculations indicate a total brake power requirement of approximately 708 BKW (950 BHP) to achieve the specified performance. Preliminary calculations indicate that two propellers of approximately 1220 mm diameter turning at 445.5 RPM (maximum tip speed 28.46 m/sec) can absorb the delivered power. Propellers are to be manufactured in Ni-Al-Bronze and to be of a low noise design with skewed blades.

5-5) Speed & Range

Sustained cruising speed shall not be less than 12.0 knots at 90% maximum continuous rating at half load displacement at sea trial conditions. The range of the Yacht shall be 5.000 nautical miles with 10% consumable left on arrival. This is based on an average speed of 10 knots including a 15 % weather allowance. (Resistance augmentation)

5-6) Bow Thruster

One 75 hp (56 kW) bow thruster, make Cramm, type V2-18H, dual prop counter rotating, existing of:
A thick walled steel tunnel, 478 mm ID, 508 mm OD with rounded hull insert ring and 15° angled grills on both side. Thrust 1000 kg.
Stainless steel drive unit with stainless steel propeller and stainless steel protection ring around propeller, driven by the 140 cc hydraulic plunger motors. Control panel with proportional joystick mounted in steering station and both wing stations. Matching electronics built-in Rittal enclosure.

5-7) Stabilizer System

A complete stabilizer system, Naiad-Koop, model NK 353, will be installed.

Two fin blades, 1.49 m2 of composite fiberglass with NACA profile and tapered shaft insert. Two fin actuator units for 2 x 32° effective fin angle with two 2” hydraulic cylinders and 3.5” high-tensile stainless steel shaft. Complete with splash-water proof fin angle sensor and emergency centering bolts. Two steel thru-hull welding bushing with flange to fit the fin actuator unit. Two aluminum manifold blocks with NG10 electro-hydraulic servo valve, double pilot operated check valve and a bypass valve for emergency centering. Completely wired and assembled on a mounting bracket with a high-pressure filter with visual and electrical clogging signaling and a shut-off valve.Two check valves to be fitted in the pressure line. One DATUM sensor package for roll rate, roll angle and roll acceleration.


5-8) Household Appliances

The following household appliances will be supplied and installed by the builder. Makes and types to be decided though in principal the following makes to be considered Miele or equal:

Crew’s lounge

  • Glass ceramic hob

  • Hood over range

  • Microwave/oven

  • Fridge/freezer table model

  • Washer

  • Dryer

Main Galley

  • One full height refrigerator/freezer

  • One 5 plate ceramic topped hob

  • One large wall mounted microwave

  • One large oven

  • One large custom made air extraction hood

  • One fast cycle dishwasher

  • One under counter trash compactor

  • One instant hot water supplier

Butler’s pantry

  • Wine cooler

  • Refrigerator

Bar in main salon

  • Refrigerator/icemaker

Wet bar on aft main deck

  • Refrigerator

  • BBQ

Wet bar on aft wheelhouse deck

  • Refrigerator

  • BBQ

Wet bar on flying bridge deck

  • Refrigerator

  • Refrigerator /icemaker

  • BBQ

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5-9) Crane & Lifting Systems

Tender Launch and Recovery System

One electric/hydraulic tender launch and recovery system will be supplied and installed inside of lazarette. The launch system existing of an overhead crane with two winches suitable for lifting a tender or Jetski of 1.000 kg and a electric/hydraulic winch driven cradle which transports the tender and/or Jetski out of the lazarette.

5-10) Stern Gangway and Boarding Ladder

A fully retractable hydraulic stern gangway, make Besenzoni, model Pi371 or equivalent, length ± 4 meter of polished stainless steel construction complete with fittings, stanchions, etc. to be delivered and installed by Contractor in pocket under aft deck.
Hydraulic power supply either from main engine mounted hydraulic pump(s) or from electric/hydraulic pump unit. An on board door buzzer will be fitted at the end of the ladder.
A fully retractable hydraulic side boarding ladder, make Stahlart of polished stainless steel construction complete with fittings, stanchions, etc. to be delivered and installed by Contractor in pocket under aft deck. Hydraulic power supply either from main engine mounted hydraulic pump(s) or from electric/hydraulic pump unit. An on board door buzzer will be fitted at the end of the ladder.

5-11) Accommodation Ladders & Stairs

The accommodation ladder is to allow the safe passage of personnel and equipment.
The accommodation ladder to be dimensioned with due regard to dynamic loads. A boarding ladder with eight self-pivoting steps recessed in starboard bulwark.


5-12) Bathing Ladder

At the swimming platform a polished stainless steel swim ladder, with teak steps. The lower part is hinged and can be fixed in the "up" posi­tion. The swim ladder to be stored on chocks in the lazarette.

5-13) Tenders and Leisure Equipment

One RIB tender: Novurania EQ 500 LP with inboard diesel engine stored in lazarette. Below the tender, in a separate, watertight box two jet ski’s can be stored.

5-14) Jacuzzi

The Jacuzzi is to be a Spa Coliseum public tub with a diameter of 2813 mm.
A quick release drain in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Classification Society is to be fitted. Suitable stainless steel railings are to be fitted by the entrance to the Jacuzzi.
A fresh water supply is to be arranged.
The Jacuzzi is to have local controls. Controls are to be of a weather tight type or enclosed in a weather tight compartment.


5-15) Navigation Bridge Equipments

- Gyro Autopilot steering system

-  Wind indicator

- Magnetic Compass

- Fax

- Two Radars

- Navtex

- Navigator

- Inmarsat – C transceiver

- Color sounder


- Speed log

- Satcom terminals

- Electronic charting system


And further

  • Weather fax

  • Intercom (8 stations)

  • Bow and stern intercom/hailer

  • Camera monitor and controls

  • PC with printer and keyboard

  • Search light panel

  • Engine controls

  • Joy stick for bow thruster

5-16) Communication Equipments

  • SBB Radiotelephone

  • VHF Radiotelephone

  • VHF Hand Held

  • GSM         

  • Public Announcement System

  • Telephone & Data Transmission System

5-17) Fire Detection and Alarm

Automatic smoke and fire detectors to be installed in every compartment in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Classification Society and the Statutory Authorities. In the engine rooms also heat detectors are to be fitted.

5-18) Acoustic Insulation

Due regard is to be given to the acoustic comfort level of the Yacht, and the Contractor is encouraged to propose and suggest alternative measures for combating noise, such as active acoustic insulation etc.

5-19) Vibration Control

Whilst it is acknowledged that mechanical vibration is difficult to eliminate completely, the Contractor will take all measures to control the transmission of energy emanating from all permanent excitation sources as well as the vibrational response of the structure and outfitting equipment.

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